Rooftop Restoration Walkway

The rooftop restoration project at The Vyne is a unique and fascinating experience. For this £5.4 million project, they have erected scaffolding over the house, so you can walk around the rooftops and watch as they strip back the outer layers of the roof to repair it. The most interesting part of this project is that the house has many layers of history which can be seen in the roof; it was once a great Tudor house that fell into disrepair and was saved by Chaloner Chute, who reduced and modernised the house in the 1650s. As well as walking around and seeing how the roof structures have been built, there are three viewpoints which give you an amazing vistas of the estate from above. There are also bats nesting in some area of the roof and since they are protected, they have accommodated them by building bat ladders.

If you want to leave your mark on The Vyne, you can tag-a-tile until the end of the year for a suggested donation of £5 that will be put on when the roof is retiled. For the little ones, there are a few Lego men ‘working’ at various parts around the rooftop, to spot. There are volunteers around the walkway to answer any questions you may have about this special insight into National Trust conservation. The walkway has wheelchair and buggy access so all are welcome! The rooftop is quite popular so you may have to queue to go up but, since work is thought to be finished by the end of the year, it is worth the small wait for this unique opportunity! Also access to the roof is weather dependent, so please check the website before you go (any issues will be in a red box at the top of their homepage).

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