All new Bootmenders Breakfast Menu

After several years in the Bed and Breakfast business, we decided that a change to our breakfast menu was needed to reflect a more diverse dietary option.

So, the staff (my family), here at Bootmenders B&B decided to sit around the kitchen table and do some menu tasting. As a couple of my children have jumped on the vegan option, this was the first that we tried out. I have always loved the Pret a Manger bircher muesli in the chilled cabinet, especially when travelling on an early flight from Heathrow or Gatwick. Such a treat to take one on board and be able to indulge in one of those creamy delicious pots and ditch the stodge they sell on cheap airlines! Bircher are traditionally made with a mixture of steeped oats and grated apple, mixed with yoghurt. Clearly we had to change the yoghurt option to be vegan and this has now become our undisputed family favourite.

Chutney's 'anyday delicious breakfast':

Scottish oats steeped overnight in coconut or soya milk

Maple Syrup

Mix of chopped walnuts, sunflower seed, pumpkins seeds and raisins


Everything but the blueberries are mixed in a covered bowl overnight.

We serve it up in pretty glasses with a blueberry and maple syrup topping.

As you tuck in, you get the creaminess of the oats with a slight salty sweetness from the maple syrup. the nuts and seeds provide crunch and the plumped up raisins give you a subtle soft juicy texture.

Virtually calorie free and no Mooooo!

Next we decided to offer a second course that wouldn't overfill!. Bacon and Eggs is an English classic, but often an overload on your plate and frankly too protein based. Our version is light with a delicious combination of flavours.

Maple cured crisp bacon rashers

Just cooked poached eggs on buttered sourdough

Sliced avocado

Cherry tomatoes lightly panfried

For a vegan option, we pile avocado, wilted spinach and tomatoes cooked lightly in garlic oil onto sourdough or granary bread.

Fresh baked bread from our village bakery with our own jam or marmalade, if you have room, completes the menu.

We look forward to preparing a sensational start to your day.

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